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512                                         GLOSSARY
haggis, a dish generally consisting of the lungs, heart, and liver of a sheep minced with snet, onions, &c, and cooked In a sheep's maw.
haith, ' in faith !' an exclamation.
haill, whole, well, healthful.
hain, hain'd, to spare, to save; saved.
hallan, a porch, a dwelling, a house.
hallan-en', the end of the porch or partition-wall between the door and the fire.
hals, the neck, the throat.
hammer, a clumsy, noisy person.
han', the hand.
hand-breed, a handbreadth.
hankers, desires, covets.
hansel, to use a thing for the first time ; the first gift, the first buyer; earnest-money.
hanselling, the first use or celebration.
hap, to cover for warmth, to wrap, to tuck in; a covering, a wrap.
harry, herry, to rob, to plunder, to ravage.
haslock. See hals.
haslook-woo', the finest wool on the hals or throat of a sheep.
haud, to hold.
hauf, the half; to halve.
haurl, haurl'd, to drag, dragged.
hause, to embrace, to hug. See hals.
hauver-meal, oatmeal.
havins, sense, manners, behaviour.
hawkit, a white face, applied to kine.
headin-man, a headsman, an exe­cutioner.
hecht, a promise, an offer; to pro­mise, to engage.
heckle, a flax-comb; to cross-examine.
hee, a call.
heeze, to hoist, to exalt, to raise.
heieh, heigh, high.
hellim, a helm.
hem-sbin'd, bow-legged, like the shape of the half of a horse-collar.
hern, the heron.
hettest, hottest.
heugh, a crag, a pit, a hollow.
heuk, a hook, a reaping-hook.
hie-gate, a thoroughfare through a town.
hiney, hinny, honey; a term of en­dearment.
hing, to hang.
hirple, to hobble, to lImp, to walk lainely.
hirplin, hobbling.
hizzie, a huzzy ; a wench. hoast, a cough ; to cough, hodden, homespun cloth made of
natural-coloured wool, hodden-grey, grey homespun. hog, hoggie, a first-year-old sheep
before shearing. See di12mont and
gimmer. Hollan, Holland; linen Imported
from there. hoodie, the hooded and common
crow, houpe, hope.
howket, digged, dug, unearthed, howks, furrows, indentations, howlet, the owl. hunkers, bent knees, pleading, in a
sqnattingposition,with the haunches,
knees, and ankles acutely bent, hurchin, an urchin. hushion, a footless stocking.
i!, in.
ilk, ilka, the same, each, every.
ingle, the fireplace, a chimney-come^,
ingle-gleede, a blazing fireside.
in-knee'd, knock-kneed.
is, often used for the plural are.
I'se, I shall or will.
ither, other.
itsel', itself.
jad, an old worn-out horse; a scurvy
woman, jauner, to talk at random, to jabber, jaw, Impudent talk; to pour, to dash,
to splash. jawpish, frolicsome, mischievous,
tricky. jee'd, stirred, rocked, jogged, jeeg, to jog, to jerk, jImp, jImpy or jImply, neatly, elc*
gantly. jImps, easy stays open in front, jinkin, dodging, moving quickly. jinks, tricks, dodges, jirkinet, a woman's outside jacket, jo, joy, an expression of good will,
friendly address. jorum, a large drinking jug or bowl, jouk, to cower, to bend, to stoop.
kail, colewort, cabbage; broth made
from greens, kail yard, a kitchen garden, kame, kaim'd, to comb, combed, kebars, beams, rafters.

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