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fud, a short tail; the buttocks.
furder, further.
far, furr, a furrow.
fushionless, tasteless, sapless, insipid.
fyke, to fidget, to be restless.
fyle, fyled, to dirty, to soil; soiled.
gab, the mouth, insolence.
gae (gang) ; gaen, gane; gaed; gaun, to go; gone ; went; going.
gairs, ornamental slashes in a lady's dress.
gait, way, manner, practice, deport­ment.
gangrel, a vagrant.
gapin, gaping, looking foolish or idiotic.
gar, to make, to cause, to compel.
gar't, compelled, caused, forced.
gash, wise, sagacious; pert or in­solent speech.
gate, a way, path, road.
gauoie, gausie, plump, portly, well-conditioned.
gaud, a goad.
gawky, awkward, ungainly, foolish.
gear, goods, property, wealth, money, harness, tools, tackle, &c.
geek, to toss the head, to sport.
gentle, well-bom. "
genty, courteous, having good man­ners.
ghaist, a ghost.
gie, gae; gied; gien; to give; gave ; given.
gif, if, whether.
gill, a half-pint glass; a quarter-pint glass of whisky. A Hawick gill'= two gills.
gimmer, a young female sheep, a ewe that has not borne young.
gin, before, until, unless, if, whether.
girdle, a circular iron plate for baking cakes.
giro, girnin, to grin, grinning.
girr, a hoop.
glaiks, to get the, to be deceived, deluded, cheated; jilted.
glaive, a sword, a broadsword.
glaum'd, grasped, clutched, snatched.
gled, the common kite, a hawk.
gleede, a spark, ember, red-hot coal.
gleg, clear-sighted, sharp, eager.
gleib, a piece, a portion; the land belonging to the clergy benefice.
Glenturit, a small lateral valley to the Earn in Perthshire.
glibber, smoothly.
glinted, flashed.
glintin, sparkling.
gloamin, twilight, dusk, evening.
gloamin-shot, sunset; a twilight in­terview.
glooves, gloves.
glow'r, a frown; to stare, to scowl.
glowrin, threatening (weather) ; star­ing, stormy.
gor-oock, the moorcock.
gowan, a generic name for the daisy.
gowd, gold, money.
gowden, golden.
gowffd,.struck; hit as in the game of golf.
gowk, a blockhead, sImpleton, an awkward fellow ; the cuckoo.
graff, a grave.
grain, a branch; the fork of a tree or the junction of its branches.
graip, to grope.
graith, tools, harness, equipment of any kind.
grane, a groan ; to groan.
grape, a dung-fork.
grat, wept.
gree, to agree; the first place, the highest honours.
greet; grat; greetin; to cry, to weep ; wept; weeping.
grippit, arrested, clasped.
grist, the corn sent to the mill; used equiv.
groanin-maut, the lying-in drink for the midwife and friends.
grunzie, the snout, mouth, face, visage.
grupe, caught hold, seized. .
gude, guid, God, good.
guide'en, good evening,, a saluta­tion.
guid-willy, hospitable, kindly, gen­erous good-will.
gudeman, guidman, the master of the house, a husband, a tenant farmer.
gudesake, God sake 1
guse, a goose.
gutoher, grandfather, grandsire.
gut-scraper, a fiddler.
ha', the hall.
hadden, haddin, holding, inheritance, hae, haen, to have; had, been having, haet, an atom, a very small quantity, hafiets, the temples, the side locks.

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