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GLOSSARY                                    507
awa, away.
awald, folded or doubled up. A sheep
is awald when it is on its back and
cannot rise. Applied to a drunken
person having fallen. awauk, to awake, a-wee, a short time, ay, aye, always, (2) assent; 'ay, but'-
= qualified assent. ayont, beyond, later than, farther.
bien, thriving, comfortable, cosy,
snug, big, to build ; large, swollen. bing, a heap. birk, a birch.
birken-shaw, a birch-wood, birkie, a smart or conceited person, birle, to drink in company, to carouse.
Birle the bawbee, to spend money
in social drinking, bit, a morsel, a piece; a short time, bizzard-gled, the buzzard-hawk; a
coward, blae, blue, the colour of the pollen
on the sloe, blate, shy, bashful, timid. blaw, to boast, to exaggerate. bleer, to obscure the vision, to de­ceive, bleerie, red about the eyes. bleer't, bleerit, dimmed, obscured
(with weeping), blin', blind, blink, a glance, an amorous look;
a short space of time, blitter, the common snipe. blue-bell, the harebell, Campanula
montanis. bluid, blude, blood, blume, bloom; to bloom, bluntie, having a sheepish look ; a
stupid or sImple person. blyth, cheerful, gay, merry, bobbit, to curtsy; up and down
motion, bode, a bid, a price offered ; to bid. bodie, a person of little account, bogle, a hobgoblin, a spectre, bole, a hole or cupboard in the wall. bonie, beautiful, handsome, pretty,
plump ; pleasant to see. 'boon. See aboon. bouk, bowk, bulk ; the whole body, bountith, bounty, reward, bonus, bow-houghed, bow-legged, bracken (Pteris aquilina), the com­mon fern. brae, a steep bank, the slope of a
hill, the broken bank of a river, brag, to boast, braid, broad, brak, broke, broken, brankie, gaudy, lively, prancing,
showy. branks, a (wooden) horse-bridle, braw, brave, well-dressed, handsome;
very, extremely.
ba', a ball.
babie-clouts, baby clothes.
bade, did bid; endured.
baig'nets, bayonets.
bairn, a child.
baith, both.
baloo, balow, hush ! a lullaby.
ban, to curse.
ban', a bond; an agreement.
bann'd, cursed, sworn.
bannock, bonnock, a thick cake
baked on a flat pan of iron, barefit, barefoot, barley-bree, malt liquor, whisky or
ale. basin, a dish for holding oatmeal, bauckie-bird, a bat. baudrons. a cat. bauk, a cross-beam. bauld, bold, bawbee, a halfpenny. bawk, a pathway through growing
crops, bawsent, white-faced, be, by, as denoting the cause; let be,
let alone. beck, a curtsy; to make obeisance, beet, to kindle, to mend (the fire). befa', befall. behint, behind, held, bald, ben, within; the inner room or
parlour. be12most bore, the farthest crevice,
chink, or hole, bent, moorland grass; the open field. beuk, a book, beyont, beyond, bicker, a beaker, an ale-pot; to flow,
to dispute. ' -bioker'd, flowed, rippled, disputed. bickerin, rippling ; disputing, wrang­ling. bide, to wait, to stay, to remain, bield, a shelter, refuge.

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