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Black-letter Broadside Ballads Of The years 1595-1639

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Caleb Shillock's prophecy
Pepys, i, 38, B.L., one woodcut, three columns.
The ballad is a poetical rendering of part of a prose pamphlet called Newes from Rome. . .Also certaine prophecies of a lew seruing to that Armie, called Caleb Shil\ocK\, which was "Translated out of Italian into English, by W. W." in 1607. From the slightly mutilated copy in the British Museum (C. 32. d. 26), sigs. B 3V-B 4, the prophecy is quoted. Square brackets indicate, as in the title quoted above, tears in the text.
Caleb Shilock his prophesie, for the yeere, 1607.
Be it knowne vnto all men, that in the yeere 1607. when as the Moone is in the watrie signe, the world is like to bee in great danger: for a learned Jew, named Caleb Shilock, doth write, that in the foresaid yeere, the Sun shall be couered with the Dragon in the morning, from fiue of the clocke vntill nine, and will appeare like fire: therefore it is not good that any man doe behold the same, for by beholding thereof he may lose his sight.
Secondly, there shall come in the same yeere a meruailous great flood of water, to the great terror and amasement of many people.
Thirdly, there shall arise a meruailous great wind, and for feare thereof many people shall be consumed, or distraughted of their wits.
Fourthlie the same yeere, about the month of May, will arise another wonderfull great flood, and so great as no man hath seene since Noyes flood, which wil continue three daies and three nights, whereby many Citties and Town[es] which standeth vppon sandie ground will be in [grejat danger.
Fiftly, Infidels and Hereticks, through great feare and dread, will flie and gather together, and asmuch as in them lies, make war against Christian princes.
Sixtlie, in the same yeere after the great waters be past, about the end of the yeere will be very great and fearefull Sicknesses: so that many people are like to die by the infection of strange diseases.
Seauenthly, there will be throughout the Worlde great trouble and contention about matters of Religion, and wonderfull strange newes vnto all people, as concerning the same.
Eightly, the Turke with his God Mahomet shall bee in danger to lose his Septer, through the great change and alteration in his Regiment, by reason of famine and warres, so that the most part of his people will rather seeke reliefe from the Christian, then from him.
r.p.g-                                      17                                              b
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