Bluegrass Songs - The storms are on the ocean

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The storms are on the ocean

I'm going away for to leave you, love
I'm going away for a while
But I'll return to you some time
If go ten thousand miles

    The storms are on the ocean
    The heavens may cease to be
    This world may lose its motion love
    If I prove false to thee

Now, who will shoe your pretty little feet
And who will grove your hands
Who will kiss your red rosy cheek
Till I come back again

 * Refrain

Pappa will shoe my pretty little feet
Momma will glove my hands
And you can kiss my red rosy cheeks
When you return again

 * Refrain

See that lonesome turtle dove
As he files from pine to pine
He's mourning for his own true love
Just the way I mourn for mine

 * Refrain

I'll never go back on the ocean, love
I'll never go back on the sea
I'll never go back on the blue eyed girl
Till she goes back on me

 * Refrain
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