Bluegrass Songs - Nine pound hammer

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Nine pound hammer

This nine pound hammeris a little too heavy
For my size, honey, for my size

    Roll on buddy, don't you roll so slow
    Baby, how can I roll when the wheels won't go

Up on the mountain just to see my honey
And I ain't coming back, lord, I ain't coming back

  * Refrain

It's a long way to Hazard a long way to Harian
Just to get a little booze, just get a little booz


  * Refrain

Ain't one hammer in this tonnel
That rings like mine that rings like mine

  * Refrain

It rings like silver and shines like gold
It rings like silver and shines like gold

  * Refrain

Somebody stole my nine pound hammer
They've took it and gone, they've took it and gone

  * Refrain

That nine pound hammer that killed John Henry
Ain't a gonna kill me, ain't a gonna kill me

  * Refrain

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