Bluegrass Songs - Driving nails

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Driving nails

My sweetheart is gone and gone and I'm so lonely
She said that she and I were through
I started out a-drinking for a past time
Driving nails in my coffin over you

    I'm driving nails in my coffin
    Even time I drink a bottle of booze
    I'm just driving nail in my coffin
    Driving nails in my coffin over you

Now ever since the day that we parted
I've been so sad so blue
I can't help thinkin' about her
And I just can't quit drinkin' that old booze

 * Refrain

Well you turned me down you don't want me
There's nothing more I can do
I'll be driving nails in my coffin
Wrryin' my darlin' over you

 * Refrain

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