Bluegrass Songs - Blue mule

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Blue mule

Ridin' with the wind
She's come and gone again

Some said she came from Georgia
Some said from Tennessee
But there never was another
Like my old blue mule
Lord know there'll never be
She could jump right over a mountain
She could outrun a diesel train
Her mother was that blue ox Babe
She was born in the eye of a hurricaine

Well I raced my blue mule
It was down in Tennessee
Against Molly and the Ten Brooks
All the people came to see
Ten Brooks was the favorite
People said I was a fool
Ridin' high wide the gates
And on my pretty blue mule

Hey blue mule, ridin' with the wind
She's come and gone again
Hey blue mule, ride on, ride on, blue mule

Around the track like a whirlpool
Old Molly had the lead
Then Ten Brooks nosed on out ahead
Boys, it was a wild stampede
Comin' in the final lap
Neck and neck, it was a duel
And my blue mule started flyin'
Which was agianst the rules

When we hit the finish line
The very last time around
I swear my blue mule she came out in front
Fifty feet from the ground
The crowd was cheerin' Ten Brooks
It was a sight to see
But overhead and out of sight
Was my old blue mule and me

Hey blue mule, ridin' with the wind
She's come and gone again
Oh look at her ride
Hey blur mule, ride on
Ride, ride, ride, blue mule

Well she never knew that race was run
She never came back down
She won that race in outer space
Not on solid ground
So when a storm is ragin'
And you hear a mournful wail
It's just me ridin' on my old blue mule
With the lightenin' stickin' her tail

Hey blue mule, she's ridin' with the wind
She's come and gone again
Oh hey blue mule, oh ride on
Ride on, oh ride on, blue mule
Ride, ride, ride, ride, ride
Ride, ride on, ride on, blue mule
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