Bluegrass Songs - Backing to Birmingham

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Backing to Birmingham

Read an ad in Chicago's Sunday paper
Help wanted, semi driver needed bad
I walked in I said I'd like to see the foreman
I told him all the experience that I had

Said son you're just the man I needed
Handed me the keys and shook my hand
He pointed to the truck and said I'll see you
Take that load of steel to Birmingham

Well I finally got inside and got it started
Put it into gear and started backing up
Tried every way to get it going forward
Oh, but I ain't never drove a big old truck

Well it wasn't easy backing through the traffic
And I'll bet I'm the first truck driving man
That ever left Chicago in a semi
And backed it all the way to Birgingham

Well the police pulled me over down in Nashville
What do you think you are doing, I just smiled
I said I just got tired of going forward
And I thought I'd drive it backwards for a while

I backed it in a truck stop and said fill it
And check the oil it probably needs a can
Oh, he said tell me which way are you backing
I said I'm backing south to Birmingham

Well, there must be a button on here somewhere
That I can push to turn this thing around
Well I can make it fine out in the country
But I sure have trouble getting through the town

But if I keep it up I'll finally make it
And I'll bet I'm the first truck driving man
That ever left Chicago in a semi
And back it all the way to Birgingham

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