The New Method for Tenor Banjo

Tenor Banjo(plectrum), online tutorial by William C. Stahl

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When sharps or flats are placed at the beginning of a piece, immediately after the clef
they are- called the signature and designate what key the piece (or selection) is in. When so placed, they affect all notes throughout the piece bearing the same names as the lines or spaces on which they are placed.
Marks of Expression, Etc.
moderate loud,- moderately soft;loud;very loud; soft; very soft;
with force,- Cres, or, increase the tone; Decres. or decrease the tone; Dim.,
diminish the tone; Dim. al Fine, diminish the tone to the end; Dolce, soft and sweet; Con brio, with splendor and brilliancy; Calando, softer and slower; Con amore, affectionately; Ball, slower; Andante, slower; Adagio,very slow; Rit., slacken the time; Allegro, quick; Allegretto, not so quick as Allegro; Presto, very fast; A tempo, in time; Accelhrando, faster and faster; Coda, an extra passage at the end of a selection; Finale, the last movement; Ad lib., at pleasure.
All students should avail themselves of a Dictionary of Musical Terms, as the author is com­pelled to eliminate a vast mass of interesting details and facts, and as there are a great many terms used in expressing music, a dictionary will be found a valuable aid to the student in solving abbreviations and terms omitted in this method.
When the unaccented part of a measure is to have a particular emphasis, it is shown by the charactersand when the weaker part of a measure is made of more importance
than the stronger, such deviation from the regular accent is called Syncopation.
The Slide
A slide is indicated by this signand is performed by one finger of the left hand
which slides along the neck in passing over all the frets from the first to the second note. After striking with the plectrum the first note, the second note is made by the impulse of the finger of the left hand.
Abbreviations, by Signs, or Musical Graces.

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