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a good rhyme we will take the three words nosey toes, rose. In each of these we have the same vowel sound, the open 0, followed by the same sibillant consonant, but preceded by the different consonant sounds of n, tt r. Now, as these words rhyme correctly we can gather from this brief examination of their constituent parts what is essential to a perfect rhyme. This is—
(i) Identity in the vowel sound.
(ii) Identity in the consonant sound that fol­lows it, if any.
(iii) Difference in the consonant sounds that precede; and to these must be added similarity in accent; e.g. sing rhymes with ring, but not well with thinking.
When confined to one syllable, rhymes are called single, as: swing, bring; when embracing two, double, as: duty, beauty; when extended to three, triple, as: slenderly, tenderly. In double rhymes the last syllable is unaccented, and in triple the last two.
Rhymes may be classed as perfect, imperfect, and false or bad, each of which kinds requires de­tailed consideration.
Faultless rhymes are—
(i) Such as have an exact agreement in sound in the vowel and the consonants, if any, that follow, e.g. :

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