Songs & Ballads Of the American Revolution

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Hancock John—in command of the Massachusetts militia at Rhode Island,
177S, 235; tory opinions of him, 295. " Hearts of Oak "—origin of, 47 ; The American, 108. Henry, Patrick—quotation from, 63.
Hessian standards taken at Trenton—account of epigram on, 152. Hessians—quotation from the Freeman's Journal, in reference to their expert
us;j of tire-arms, 125. Hewlings, J. \V.—notice of, 103. Holt's Gazette—lines quoted from, 17. llopkinson, Francis—notice of, 167. Howe, llobert—an affair of honor, with Christopher Gadsden, 226; biographical
notice of, 230. Howe, Sir William—impromptu on the departiue of, for America, 108; at
Philadelphia, 21G. Humphreys, David -quotation from, 199; sonnet by, 335; biographical notice
of, 336. Hunting Shirts and Rifle Guns—description of, 199. Hutchinson, Thomas—Chief Justice of Massachusetts; notice of, 20; recalled
to England, 65. Independence—a song on, by J. M. Sewall, 1776, 144. Iris, the—quotation from, 183. Irishman's Epistle to the troops in Boston, 1775, 92.
Jasper, Sergeant William—bravery of, at the defence of Sullivan's Island, 188. Jerseys, the— a parody on the " Watery God,'1 136. Killiecrankie—the origin of the tune, 3S4. King's Mountain—the battle of, 335; situation of, 337. Ladies, the—A poetical appeal to the, 48. Lafayette, General, at Rhode Island, in 1778, 235. Lee, Arthur—biographical notice of, 40. Lee, Charles—biographical notice of, 72 ; Mrs. Mercy Warren's opinion of, and
Paine's remarks about, 73 ; taken prisoner, 159. Lee, Ezra—notice of his experiment with the American Torpedo; biographical
notice of, 217. Letter from a dejected Jonathan, a prisoner taken in the ship South Carolina,
to his brother Ned, at Philadelphia, 371. Lexington, Mass.—Liberty Tree at, 21 ; battle of, 94. Liberty Song, by John Dickinson and Arthur Lee, 1763, 36; sung in the streets
of Boston, 40 ; a parody on, 41. Liberty Tree—a song, 18; description of the one consecrated at Boston, 20;
destroyed in 1774, 21; verses suspended on, in 1766, 32.

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